elowerk develops and sells products for quality assurance in electronics production.

Quality is intrinsically linked to verification. If product properties are left untested, quality is not obtainable. We help our customers to improve their product quality. Our challenge is, to find new methods to make testable that which seems to be untestable.

We can rely on the rich store of experience and imagination of our employees. We have decades of experience in developing and implementing test systems for the electronics production. One of the most successful MDAs and one of the most innovative Flying Probers are results of our development work.

As a company, we attach great importance to quality and customer orientation. For this reason, we established a corporate policy from the outset that focuses on these aspects and aligns all processes with them. Accordingly, our policy governs our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers, resources and our environment. All processes are continuously monitored and immediately adapted to current circumstances.

Our customers expect quality and efficiency from us, both in our products and in our service. That is why we tailor our services precisely to the wishes and needs of our customers and cooperate very closely with them. Adherence to delivery dates, a distinctive communication and the inclusion of customer reactions are also part of our quality strategy, because only if our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied as well.


We have implemented a quality management system that ensures continuous improvement and optimization of our processes. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been confirmed to elowerk by ISO 9001 certification.

We place the same qualitative demands on our suppliers as we do on ourselves, because only then can the value chain function smoothly. For this reason, detailed, transparent communication also plays an essential role in this area. In addition, we conduct regular supplier assessments so that the quality level is continuously maintained.

Digitalization offers numerous opportunities to effectively protect our environment. In addition to efficiently running processes, we use all the resources we need as sparingly as possible and constantly review our processes in terms of their ecological compatibility.

We attach great importance to good neighborly relations and constructive cooperation with the relevant authorities and communities, as we identify with our surroundings to a high degree. In this way, we form an integral part of our immediate environment.