elowerk TestBuilder

elowerk TestBuilder is the operating software for elowerk test systems. TestBuilder is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Test programs can be created by CAD data import. The comfortable graphical user interface allows a straight­forward editing of test programs.  Customized applications can be programmed using a programming interface. TestBuilder can also be extended using plug-in technology. “Plugins” are small program parts which can be called by TestBuilder. This allows customized test methods and operator interfaces to be realized. Any .NET programming language (e.g. C# or Visual Basic .NET) can be used for implementation. The .NET framework's interop technique allows highly flexible integration of third-party software. Based on this, TestBuilder provides several options for cooperation with third-party software (e.g. integration into National Instruments Teststand).


elowerk test systems are supported by KERCAM. KERCAM is a software for the preparation of CAD data.

KERCAM has import filters for many CAD file formats. Even Gerber files could be imported. KERCAM creates a CrossCAM file, which can be directly imported by TestBuilder. This data is used by TestBuilder for building test projects and generating test programs.

There are other software products around KERCAM supporting production preparation, repair and documentation.

KERCAM is a product of the company CAM Consulting.