Test Electronics

The eloZ1 Manufacturing Defects Analyzer is an in-circuit tester of the very latest generation, reliably detecting connection and assembly faults on printed circuit board assemblies. The eloZ1 can be integrated into table systems as well as into inline-systems.

Hardware Architecture

The eloZ1 is designed as a modular system. It can be customized to the respective test application.

Stimulus Unit

  • The analog section is galvanically isolated from the digital section.
  • Each generator has its own power supply.
  • The stimulus unit can be used as a voltage source or as a current source.
  • Basic version: up to ±10 V and up to ±1 A.
  • Sense lines allow precision measurements with controlled voltage at the UUT.
  • Current and voltage are measured dynamically and simultaneously.

Switching Matrix

  • A multiplexer joins the eight internal analog rails to four rails.
  • A full matrix connects the four rails to the test pins.


  • Functional tests
  • Programming of Flash IC's etc
  • Boundary Scan